Investment in school leaders helps impact more students with fewer resources.

School leaders are critical in influencing the learning outcomes of students. But, they seldom get an opportunity to further their professional development. The right training and tools will enable them to better serve children from under-resourced communities.

What we do

We hone the leadership competencies of school leaders to drive improved system and school outcomes.

Pre & In-Service Training

We conduct workshops and leadership retreats focused on our 'Education Leadership Framework'. The themes cover Personal Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Academic Leadership and People Leadership.

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On-site Implementation Support

We provide one-on-one in-person and virtual support, enabling school leaders to implement their learnings from the workshops in their schools.

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Consulting + Leadership Development

We support our partners and governments in their leadership recruitment by redefining the recruitment process. We help them design their leadership pipeline and on-going professional development programs.

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Why Alokit works ?

Effective school leaders committed to delivering high quality education can transform the lives of millions of children in India.


We proactively look for partnerships that can enhance and amplify impact for students.


We understand the culture and context of our locations and create need-based programs based on our partners’ goals.


We work at scale with our government partners to better impact all students in the region.


"Since the beginning of lockdown, we tried to connect with all the parents but were only able to reach 30% of parents. Then we joined Alokit and learnt new strategies to engage with parents. We also got an opportunity to discuss our challenges with other school leaders and brainstorm solutions with them. Alokit provided us a platform to discuss our issues and also shared concrete strategies to tackle them. Our parent engagement levels have now increased to 70% "

Reeta Sawhney

Owner, Goodways Day Boarding School, Delhi

George Varkey

Chief Innovation Officer, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS)

“Alokit has been at the forefront in supporting TSWREI Society through innovations and capacity building of our school leaders, mentor teachers and academic officers. Alokit has unique training modules which were found very effective and practical in the school settings such as effective classroom management skills for teachers, school walkthrough for the school leaders to name a few. Hope Alokit will be a master sculptor for many school leaders in future.”

“The student in me who believes that, “Learning is a never ending process“, got an amazing opportunity through Alokit's School Leaders training program. I have spent the most productive time with diverse, dedicated, committed and wonderful trainers by meeting, interacting and associating with them. The techniques of SWOT analysis, Skill-Will matrix, and many more were taught through a practical and innovative medium, which sharpened my personality and enabled me to execute my thoughts in a more organized fashion. This has upgraded my style of administration and management. Alokit gifted me precious mates, valuable intakes and a lifetime of incredible experiences. Thank you!”

Dr. Sharada Venkatesh

Regional Coordinating Officer, HRR West, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS)

Tenzin Dorjee

(Additional Secretary-Equiv.) Head of Academic Section, Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala

“Our principals and head-teachers attended Alokit’s School Leadership Training focused on school improvement plans and instructional leadership. With 80% of the participants showing remarkable improvement in terms of their understanding of concepts in the post survey assessment, and 95% of the participants rating the content and facilitation of the sessions as “Excellent” and “Very Good”, it goes to prove just how effective the training and the trainers are.”

"I just want to say that before Alokit, I was running my school as everyone does. They taught me a professional way to collect, record, analyse, discuss data and implement strategies to achieve my targets. I can also now articulate my vision in a better, smoother, and easier way. Before meeting them, I was a school leader but after receiving their training I became a professional school leader."

Pinki Gupta

HM, Navyug Darbhanga House, Delhi

Pema Yangchen

HM, TCV Bylakuppe, Karnataka

“In the face of the COVID19 Crisis followed by the unprecedented lockdown and the school closure crippling our students’ learning and engagement, Alokit’s program came as a boon and proved instrumental in furthering online teaching / learning.”


Telling our story and celebrating our impact inspires support of our mission and in turn, helps us reach more school leaders.

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We work with governments, nonprofits, and other organisations to address complex challenges.

Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, in-kind support, and more are helping build a stronger program for our leaders

  • Contemplative Sciences Center, University of Virginia and Dalai Lama Fellows

  • Central Square Foundation

  • Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, Government of Telangana

  • Global School Leaders

  • Central Tibetan Administration

  • Social Venture Partners

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We are a team of passionate educators committed to transforming K-12 educational leadership


Together, we can build a more inclusive world

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